Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A man reading a poem...

I am not very keen on poetry... I only like some Becquer or Neruda poems... but in general, I don't like poetry.

So, when I discovered this man reading this poem in the TV talent show "Tú sí que vales" I got so amazed... I think he has an awesome voice, perfect for reading those poems.

Here you are one of the poems read by Rafael Turia. He makes the videos too... with such beautiful images, with that subtle nice music!

He is not the author, but I think he has got a perfect voice for poetry...

And you? Do you like poetry?

Funny videos

I am so fond of discovering new Youtube videos that make me smile or even laugh... so when I saw this video I couldn't stop laughing... I have seen it a lot of times, and it always make me laugh, it is incredible!!

I was investigating about the author (the man with glasses is the protagonist, the other is his roommate). His nick on Youtube is MrEpicMann and he has published more than thirty videos... not all of them are so funny, but I want you to see this one... I think this is very funny too!


Do you usually watch TV? How do you watch TV programmes, films, documentaries or series? I usually see them online, on the internet... I don't often download them, as it is sometimes slower than watching it online.

I have recently finished the second Homeland season. As the first one, it has twelve episodes... and it will not continue until next September... too long!

This is about Brody, an American marine who has captured and under torture for eight years by a terrorist group (Al-Qaeda). When he is finally free, a CIA officer (Carrie) investigates him because she specializes in Al-Qaeda stuff, and she believes that Brody has become an Al-Qaeda member trying to attempt against the USA.

It is really exciting!!!

The book I am reading (3)

Right now I am reading this book, "The list of the forgotten names" by Kristin Harmel. It is about two women... and there are two stories. One is Rose's story, and the other one is the story of Rose's granddaughter, Hope. Rose suffers from Alzheimer and she keeps a very big secret related to her past. She asks Hope to go to Paris and find about what happened to Rose's relatives.

It is very interesting, as you learn about how Jews suffered during the Second World War... No matter how many times I have read (or seen) about the Holocaust... it is always really impressive and awful...
What are you reading right now?