Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Funny videos about cats

Well, as you know I have got two cats that are my furbabies :) and since having them I am a cat-person, that means that every little thing related to cats gets my attention quickly. Thus, I want to show you some funny videos about cats, having cats and cat-related daily routines. I hope you enjoy them!

This video is about before versus after having a cat in your life. For me it is very funny, as I didn't know things are like this... but they really are!!

And this is soooooooo funny... I love this type of videos where humans imitate cat's behaviour!!

Tell me what you think about cats or these videos!


Do you like reading?

No? Why? Maybe you haven't found "your book" yet. I think there is always a perfect book for every person which "wakes up" the love for books. My only advice is... keep on trying yours!

If you have answered "yes", welcome to a fantastic and endless source of joy and entertainment. As I personally know, reading can be very very addictive and funny, but the pleasure of reading is very subjective and even intimate to be fully explained. You have to "live it to understand it"...

By the way, do you know "trailerbooks"? I have recently found them out. Trailerbooks are "trailers" about books, so they give a glimpse to what is the book about... like a trailer does with its film.

Last week some students of 3rd of ESO (bookworms like me) asked me about my favourite book ever. My answer was fast and clear, I have no doubt... because I consider this book as a mixture of all the ingredients I love most in a book: love, action, mystery, sorrow, loss, friendship, adventure, magic... It has all of them

The title is "LA SOMBRA DEL VIENTO" (In English, it was translated as "The shadow of the wind") by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I bought it in 2005 and I am going to re-read it soon for a literary workshop.

But my first idea for this post was to speak about trailerbooks, so I am going to show you some of the best trailerbooks I have found on YouTube about this book. Some of them were made by students as school projects.

What do you think about trailerbooks? Would you like to do a trailerbook for a book project? Let's think about this. And actually, after having seen these trailerbooks of "La sombra del viento", do you feel like reading this book? Tell me!!!

Interesting websites

Sometimes I find interesting websites that I consider worth sharing with other people. In this case, I would like to show you this website called Boredpanda which is frequently updated. The posts can be about anything... but they usually have one thing in common... the photos are incredible.

As Halloween is celebrated this week, now the main part of the posts are around this topic, as you can even see in the website design.

In this website you can find very weird posts about amazing things, funny facts about something, incredible photos, supertender pictures with puppies, kitties... have a look and tell me if you don't find some thing that catch your attention! It is impossible!!!

I encourage to choose one and show it in your blog and talk a bit about this. Which one would you chooose? I am very curious.

For example, scrolling down the webpage I have seen one that has attired my attention: a post about the most strange crisps flavours around the world. Have a look!

Smiles :D

I think smiling is the perfect way to communicate. Sometimes you cannot speak the other person's language but if you smile, something that separated you, disappears. Something new is created. Some bond... I don't know.

So... as a famous quote says... "Smile... as you don't know if someone will fall in love with your smile".

Do you recognise these smiles?

Songs that ease my mind

Songs that make me feel better.
Songs that make me smile.
Songs that I consider as relaxing.
Songs that help me to disconnect.
Songs that wake me up.

... A lot of categories of songs that save me from sadness, boredom or worries.

If there is a group with a song for each situation, this is COLDPLAY. No, you can't be the only person in this world that isn't aware of my favourite music band. They are fantastic. Their songs are sublime.

Don't you think so?

Paradise, The scientist, Fix You, Yellow, Strawberry swing, Another's arms, Always in my head, Atlas, Christmas lights, Clocks, God put a smile upon your face, True love, Us against the world... I could go on and on and on... and mention every song.

But now, in this moment, these days my favourite one, the one I like most, the one I can't get tired of listening to it once and again is...


I have no words. I think it is simply... PERFECT. As magic is always...

Thoughts about photography

Do you like photography? I think it is very interesting and it is an art. As a very clumsy and non-type art person, I am so fond of people who are able to capture some aspects of life that are astonishing. For example, I usually have a look at science magazines like "Muy Interesante" or "Quo" and I always find incredible photos, like these ones.

As you can see, they are very different from each other, but each one is very powerful, in my opinion. They make me think a lot about what I am watching in each photo... for some minutes.

I love also very old photos that show unknown people. Some of them speak volumes (this means they tell a story about something, a very powerful story indeed!). For example,

I can spend a very long time imagining the personal stories behind all these people. Where did they live? Did they have a good life? Were they happy?

Yes, I am very curious and I love guessing stories...

Things in common...

We are all different, that is so obvious that I won't focus on differences. I want only to highlight the things we all have in common, even with people we don't agree with or people we don't like at all.

We all have need of basic things like food, water, a place to live and some friends to love. All have a family and we care about our dearest ones. All bleed reed blood if we get hurt. All suffer when we are in pain. Everybody has got some problems sometimes.

Like every other person, we all get worried when things don't happen as we expected they would. Each of us get angry when others talk at our back. Everybody hates lies and dishonest people.

All of us hate injustice, but we all know that sometimes we have to accept things we wouldn't want to, but life is like this.

So... let's think about what other things we have in common, because we have more similar characteristics than we thought before.

Because we are all human... we are all HUMANS.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

We all have got two eyes...

... but we don't all see the same things.

Or, at least, we don't understand the same.

I have just seen this video and as I am very fond of my cat (the other one unfortunately died) I am sure that my interpretation would be very different from yours.

I have an idea. Maybe this idea could be for next year's blog, but maybe you could save this video, or even write about it now and save it as a draft...

My idea would be something like this. You write about what you see and feel about this video... not only two sentences, but a text. Try to imagine how the two protagonists feel, what they think, what they do and whey they do it... and your own feelings about it.

I suppose not a lot of people would feel like doing this... but... who knows?

Here you are the video.

Omelette from Madeline Sharafian on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


I have recently started to see this series called B&B and shown in Telecinco. I am watching it online so I don't know if it is over or not. I think I read somewhere that they have signed for a second season... but I am not sure.

The characters all work for a magazine titled "B&B", thus the name of the series... and I would classify it as a comedy. There are very famous actors and actresses like Belén Rueda, Gonzalo de Castro, Fran Perea... and my favourite one, Dani Rovira.

Why is he my favourite one? Not only because his role, Juan, is so tender and friendly... but because I admire Dani a lot as a monologuist, and after I saw them recently as the protagonist of "Ocho apellidos vascos" I am a fan! He is so funny!!!

Here you are the presentation of this series (with a video). Give it a chance!

"La que has liao, pollito..."

A lot of us, who use Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Line, receive sometimes a video or a picture which is on everybody's mouth these days. This is called as a video "goes viral", and everybody is talking about it. It has happened lately with a very funny video of a little girl who is drawing on a sheet of paper while a little chick is eating corn by her side... and it seems that the cute girl is a bit annoyed with the chick... If you haven't seen the video yet, don't wait for longer... have a look! I hope you will like it.

The strange thing is how it has become a viral video... her parents recorded her and sent the video only to their Whatsapp friends... and then someone shared it with someone... and one day, they discovered that it was a huge success on Youtube!!! So they decided not to get angry and publish the complete video... Here you are the complete story of Iune (the girl) and her pollito...

Burst into tears

Do you know the meaning of this idiom? It means "to start to cry suddenly".

Have you ever burst into tears? Can you think of a situation where a person suddenly starts to cry, feeling a deep sorrow? I can. Unfortunately, I would say... I know very well how it does feel when a pain makes you burst into tears... and it is not a comfortable nice situation, but on the contrary, it feels very desperate... because when you do so, it is because you are in a great distress.

I hope nobody in this world felt this way... but I fear this is not in my hands. So many people are suffering a lot these days, and I am sure that near you someone would appreciate it a lot if you cared...

Enjoy the silence

A word has come to me... SILENCE.

What is silence? How would you define this word, and how would you explain its meaning? Difficult... I mean, it is easy to define... but not in silence.

After this word has come to me... a song has. This song. It is called "Enjoy the silence" by Depeche Mode. It was a hit in the 80s, and I remember listening to it on the radio with my sister... now it is one of the songs that go with me during my car trips.

And then... I have googled the word "silence" and I have found these three pictures related to it. I think they are so meaningful, each of them...

Silence, sometimes, speaks loud...


Sometimes you live a series of contradictions... you may want something but at the same time you don't want it because... who knows...

Sometimes you like something but then you discover that doesn't suit you anymore and you finish by hating that...

Sometimes you feel like doing something... but then a person suggests or orders to do so... and you don't feel like doing it at all...

Why humans are so contradictory?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Making a short and basic film

Look at what I have just found out while surfing on the net! Dvolver.com, a website where in a couple of minutes you can create a short (and very basic) film. It must be in English, yes... but it is interesting. I have made one myself... and it has no limit of scenes, so maybe you could use that tool to a school project or simply for fun.

Have a look!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Air traffic (amazing!)

This morning a friend of mine has recommended this video on her Youtube wall, and I have to tell you that I think it will make you feel so small!

In this video we can see the air traffic that is generated above our heads. I admit I had never thought about this kind of thing before! And you?

Have a look!

Europe 24 from NATS on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My cat from hell

As I have explained in the previous post, I am very keen on watching as many cat-related videos as possible... and I recently discovered an American TV programme called "My cat from hell"... it is similar to "El encantador de perros" (In the American version it is called "The dogs' whisperer") but in this programme you can see cat owners who are really desperate because their cat's bad behaviour... sometimes it is about a cat who is too shy, sometimes the cat is too aggressive, biting and scratching the owners... a lot of problems can happen, and the cat expert, Jackson Galaxy, always offers a series of steps and advice to be followed in order to solve the cat behaviour problems.

It is very interesting, as I am a recent cat adopter and I have no previous experience with cats! If you are also a cat lover, I recommend this programme to you.

Simon's cat

As some of you already know, I have recently adopted two female cats, and I am absolutely fond of them since the very moment I saw them... I had never thought about having pet cats, but something changed inside me... and now I am another cat lover! :)

I am reading a lot about cats, and I am also interested in cat magazines, cat guides and cat documentaries... but believe me when I say that I am a real fan of Simon's cat... the protagonist of this Youtube series! If you like cats, or even if you don't like them... I recommend this series to you. It is very funny!

Here you are all the episodes (one follows the other, and there are not enough Simon's cat videos in my opinion, they are too short and so funny!!!)

If you see some of these videos, please let me know your opinion about them!!! :)

More vocabulary clouds (Tagxedo)

I told you about vocabulary coulds in previous posts (here and also here), but recently I found out another online tool called Tagxedo to create word clouds with some predetermined shapes. You can create those clouds with the text you type into the box or, as I have done myself, with the text of a particular website. In my case, I have typed my blog address... and Tagxedo gets the more frequent words and transform them into a shaped figure.

These are only four examples:

I hope you like this tool, and I recommend it to you in order to revise for an exam in an original way! You can also use this with your school projects.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Masterchef Junior

During last Christmas holidays I followed the children competing in Masterchef Junior. There were 16 children and they had to cook in order to see who was the best cook... the Masterchef junior.

I hadn't seen the adult version (despite one of the most famous contestants, Maribel, is from Benicarló like me) because I am not a very good cook and I thought that watching people while cooking would be so boring... but I saw the children by chance... and I got hooked... how can it be possible? They are so young, and they are so gifted with the knives and the saucepans and all that stuff!!! Incredible!!!

So I saw the four programmes and although my favourite boy, the eight-year-old Aimar, didn't win, he got until the third programme... so it was a very good position! He was so funny and cute!!!

The winner, Mario (12) was really amazing. He was so calm and organized!!! And the finalist, Eva Luna (11), was so good too.

And I mustn't forgive to mention Carlos, the 10-year-boy from Vinaròs! He was only during the first programme, but he cooked really well!!!

Bloxorz... do you remember?

Almost all of my students of 3rd and 4th of ESO were also my pupils when they were 5th or 6th Primary students. Then I taught them some ICT contents, like creating their first email address, sending some emails, working in the virtual school... and sometimes I showed them some online games (always in English!)... their favourite was "Bloxorz", and I remember how we were absolutely hooked to that game. It consists on getting a block off a hole by using our spatial and mathematical abilities and using only our brain and the keyboard arrows.

Do you feel like playing a game? Do you remember the level you achieved? Here you are one of the online websites where you can play a Bloxorz game again :)

Amazing artists (1)

As I am not at all good at art, I always find any artistic expression as incredible... but, let me show you this photos I have found in a Facebook page called "Amazing things in the world", in the album called "Awesome creativity with everyday objects"

Artist Victor Nunes combines every-day objects with simple illustrations to turn them into pictures of faces, animals and other playful scenes. His images invite us to look at the world differently and find creative images in our surroundings.

Here you are! With popcorn:

 With biscuits:

With scissors...

If you feel like seeing more of Victor Nunes's creations, click here!


Cette semaine les élèves de français et moi sommes en train de régarder le film "Amélie" en version original sous-titré en espagnol. C'est une comédie romantique.

Ici tu peux voir le trailer d'Amélie:

"Amélie" n'est pas le titre complet... il s'agit de "Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain". Amélie est le prénom de la protagoniste, et je peux vous dire qu'elle n'est pas une fille normale et courante... Amélie est une jeune très speciale :)

Un des personnages du film est un voisin d'Amélie avec une maladie qui ne lui permet pas d'avoir une vie normale. L'homme de verre, comme il est connu, peint seulement une oeuvre très fameuse de Renoir, "Le déjeneur des canotiers". 

 J'ai acheté le DVD il y a quelques années... et c'est une de mes films préférés. En plus, sa musique (creé par Yann Tiersen) est devenue très fameuse. 

Et toi, tu as vu ce film? Je te recommande de le voir!