Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Goosebumps (1)

From now on, I have decided to share the videos that make me have goosebumps (tener la carne de gallina). Did you know this idiom?

Today, I am sharing this video about how we can make the difference... and start the change. Every little thing helps.

What do you feel when you see this video? Could you tell me, please? You can also use this video for a post, I think it can be very interesting if some other people give their view about it.

In my opinion, this is so simple, but so difficult at the same time. We seem to be living in a society who is indifferent to the problems of other people. And watching this video... makes me feel that we can change that. Because you, and me, we are good people. And there are a lot of people who are good around us.

So focus on them.

And help others... because others will help you.

Good actions bring more good actions. Don't you think?

Be contagious!!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Two weeks ago one of my students told me about this film and I had seen a short clip on TV, so we looked for the official trailer and we saw it during a Practical English lesson.

I found it really scary and I even felt panic. How could an astronaut face a situation like the one we see in the trailer? Could I resist seeing the complete film? Well, I can answer the second question... I really could... but believe me, I suffered a lot yesterday at the cinema.

But I recommend this film to you. You won't be indifferent, I am sure.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Teacher, I don't know what to write...

This is one of the most repeated sentences in class when we talk about your blog. I usually tell you to write about the things you like... that's so obvious that sometimes I have to be more specific if you don't get inspired.

On the right side of the blog I have put a new section with "Ideas for your posts" and I am going to copy them here, at the end of this post.

You can also get inspired by having a look at my blog and what I have published. There are plenty of photos, videos... that you can see and be the ideas for your new posts. Have a look at your classmates' blogs too. There are eternal topics you can use once and again...

As I said before, here you are some ideas (topics) for your posts. I have used some of this before...

Ideas for your posts

  • A catchy song
  • A horrible day!
  • A nightmare
  • A school project I am proud of
  • A trip to remember
  • Animals
  • Awesome pictures
  • Books and reading
  • Chatting online or face to face?
  • Films I recommend
  • I am very good at...
  • I can't live without...
  • Music
  • My best friend
  • My favourite subject
  • My first day at school
  • My grandparents
  • My hobbies
  • My ideal job
  • One of my dreams
  • Plans for this weekend
  • Poems
  • Some things you don't know about me
  • Sports I hate
  • The best plan for me
  • The Internet
  • The most annoying thing in the world
  • Things I hate doing
  • TV programmes
  • TV series
  • What I hate most
  • When I was five years old...
  • Youtube videos I recommend

Videos with lyrics

I am sure you like a lot of songs whose lyrics are in English. Do you understand what they are talking about? Sometimes they are a bit of nonsense, but sometimes they have deep meanings...

As you know, you can look for the lyrics on the internet but also using Youtube. Some people make incredible videos (I will show you some another time). These videos with the music and the lyrics help you to learn English. Why? Because you understand better the vocabulary, you learn new words and expressions, and above all, you learn the pronunciation. In addition, if you sing the song trying to pronounce as well as you can you will improve a lot your English.

Do you want to have a try? Let me show you the new Coldplay song. It is part of the "Hunger games: Catching fire" soundtrack. The song is called "Atlas" and, in my opinion, is amazing.

Here it is! Enjoy!

Wow! 1

I have just found and seen this HD video and I have rushed to my blog to share it with all my students.

I think we are not usually aware of where we are living... the Earth. It is so amazing, so wonderful... This time this video was made from the photos taken by the International Space Station. I have run off of words to describe what I feel so... WOW! could make it.

Have a look, and tell me your opinion, please!!

Earth from Michael König on Vimeo.

My favourite parts are the storm ones. Lightings are so flashy!