Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Funny videos about cats

Well, as you know I have got two cats that are my furbabies :) and since having them I am a cat-person, that means that every little thing related to cats gets my attention quickly. Thus, I want to show you some funny videos about cats, having cats and cat-related daily routines. I hope you enjoy them!

This video is about before versus after having a cat in your life. For me it is very funny, as I didn't know things are like this... but they really are!!

And this is soooooooo funny... I love this type of videos where humans imitate cat's behaviour!!

Tell me what you think about cats or these videos!


Do you like reading?

No? Why? Maybe you haven't found "your book" yet. I think there is always a perfect book for every person which "wakes up" the love for books. My only advice is... keep on trying yours!

If you have answered "yes", welcome to a fantastic and endless source of joy and entertainment. As I personally know, reading can be very very addictive and funny, but the pleasure of reading is very subjective and even intimate to be fully explained. You have to "live it to understand it"...

By the way, do you know "trailerbooks"? I have recently found them out. Trailerbooks are "trailers" about books, so they give a glimpse to what is the book about... like a trailer does with its film.

Last week some students of 3rd of ESO (bookworms like me) asked me about my favourite book ever. My answer was fast and clear, I have no doubt... because I consider this book as a mixture of all the ingredients I love most in a book: love, action, mystery, sorrow, loss, friendship, adventure, magic... It has all of them

The title is "LA SOMBRA DEL VIENTO" (In English, it was translated as "The shadow of the wind") by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I bought it in 2005 and I am going to re-read it soon for a literary workshop.

But my first idea for this post was to speak about trailerbooks, so I am going to show you some of the best trailerbooks I have found on YouTube about this book. Some of them were made by students as school projects.

What do you think about trailerbooks? Would you like to do a trailerbook for a book project? Let's think about this. And actually, after having seen these trailerbooks of "La sombra del viento", do you feel like reading this book? Tell me!!!

Interesting websites

Sometimes I find interesting websites that I consider worth sharing with other people. In this case, I would like to show you this website called Boredpanda which is frequently updated. The posts can be about anything... but they usually have one thing in common... the photos are incredible.

As Halloween is celebrated this week, now the main part of the posts are around this topic, as you can even see in the website design.

In this website you can find very weird posts about amazing things, funny facts about something, incredible photos, supertender pictures with puppies, kitties... have a look and tell me if you don't find some thing that catch your attention! It is impossible!!!

I encourage to choose one and show it in your blog and talk a bit about this. Which one would you chooose? I am very curious.

For example, scrolling down the webpage I have seen one that has attired my attention: a post about the most strange crisps flavours around the world. Have a look!

Smiles :D

I think smiling is the perfect way to communicate. Sometimes you cannot speak the other person's language but if you smile, something that separated you, disappears. Something new is created. Some bond... I don't know.

So... as a famous quote says... "Smile... as you don't know if someone will fall in love with your smile".

Do you recognise these smiles?

Songs that ease my mind

Songs that make me feel better.
Songs that make me smile.
Songs that I consider as relaxing.
Songs that help me to disconnect.
Songs that wake me up.

... A lot of categories of songs that save me from sadness, boredom or worries.

If there is a group with a song for each situation, this is COLDPLAY. No, you can't be the only person in this world that isn't aware of my favourite music band. They are fantastic. Their songs are sublime.

Don't you think so?

Paradise, The scientist, Fix You, Yellow, Strawberry swing, Another's arms, Always in my head, Atlas, Christmas lights, Clocks, God put a smile upon your face, True love, Us against the world... I could go on and on and on... and mention every song.

But now, in this moment, these days my favourite one, the one I like most, the one I can't get tired of listening to it once and again is...


I have no words. I think it is simply... PERFECT. As magic is always...

Thoughts about photography

Do you like photography? I think it is very interesting and it is an art. As a very clumsy and non-type art person, I am so fond of people who are able to capture some aspects of life that are astonishing. For example, I usually have a look at science magazines like "Muy Interesante" or "Quo" and I always find incredible photos, like these ones.

As you can see, they are very different from each other, but each one is very powerful, in my opinion. They make me think a lot about what I am watching in each photo... for some minutes.

I love also very old photos that show unknown people. Some of them speak volumes (this means they tell a story about something, a very powerful story indeed!). For example,

I can spend a very long time imagining the personal stories behind all these people. Where did they live? Did they have a good life? Were they happy?

Yes, I am very curious and I love guessing stories...

Things in common...

We are all different, that is so obvious that I won't focus on differences. I want only to highlight the things we all have in common, even with people we don't agree with or people we don't like at all.

We all have need of basic things like food, water, a place to live and some friends to love. All have a family and we care about our dearest ones. All bleed reed blood if we get hurt. All suffer when we are in pain. Everybody has got some problems sometimes.

Like every other person, we all get worried when things don't happen as we expected they would. Each of us get angry when others talk at our back. Everybody hates lies and dishonest people.

All of us hate injustice, but we all know that sometimes we have to accept things we wouldn't want to, but life is like this.

So... let's think about what other things we have in common, because we have more similar characteristics than we thought before.

Because we are all human... we are all HUMANS.