Sunday, October 21, 2012

The power of a smile

Smiling is one of the best things we have in life. It is free, it takes no effort, it makes you feel OK...

There are a lot of quotes related to smiles, and these are some of my favourite ones...

It is not always easy to smile. Sometimes you are really sad, or angry, and you don't feel like smiling... but, didn't you know that just the act of smiling will make you feel better? Yes, it is true... And the power of a smile to other people is amazing. So maybe you have some excuses when you are sad or angry, but you haven't any reason not to be smiling right now. Smile to your family and friends, but it would be so nice if you smiled to other people... to your classmates (even if you are not close friends), to your teachers, to your neighbours, to the shop assistant... 

and your smile will make them feel better

Now I am showing you this nice song by the great Charles Chaplin... it was Michael Jackson's favourite song. For me, it is really sad but at the same time, it is so beautiful... There are a lot of videos on Youtube, but I chose this one because it combines the song with Chaplin's film images.

I hope you like it!


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