Monday, October 22, 2012

Your face rings a bell

"Tu cara me suena" (in English it would be "Your face rings a bell") is a TV programme which is shown every Monday in Antena3. 

Eight famous people have to compete for the best impersonation (imitación). Every week, each of them has to dress, act and sing like a famous singer, and the makeup and dressing effects are really impressive.

The eight contestants are Roko (singer), Santiago Segura (actor and filmmaker), Anna Simón (TV presenter), María del Monte (singer), Arturo Valls (actor and TV presenter), Ángeles Muñoz (singer), Javier Herrero (singer) and Daniel Diges (actor and singer).

In my opinion, Roko is the best impersonator (imitadora), but I confess... Arturo Valls is the funniest of all! When he appears, I can't stop laughing :D

Do you like this TV programme? Who is your favourite contestant?


  1. I like this TV programme, It's very funny!
    My favourite contestant are Santiago Segura and Arturo Valls

    1. Santiago Segura is so funny, too!!! I like when they wind each other up (se toman el pelo, se hacen rabiar).

  2. Replies
    1. Daniel Diges is also one of my favourite impersonators, with Roko. Yesterday he played Tino Casal really well, in my opinion!

  3. I think Arturo Valls is the best. Without he, the programme isn't be the same.