Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thinking about 30-day challenges

Last Thursday, as I already told you, my students of Practical English and I saw a video about "30-day challenges", consisting on the idea that if you do something unusual during a month, it can become a habit... a good habit! Or maybe not... but, at least, you will have spent your time doing new and maybe even interesting things.

I am still thinking about what could be my 30-day challenge... because it has to be realistic, not too difficult to accomplish, and enjoyable... because it would be nonsense doing something I don't like... so I have looked for some ideas on the internet.

First I have found the personal webpage of the man giving the TED lecture about this topic. He is called Matt Cutts and he works for the Google company. Reading a bit of his blog I have discovered that he has done some challenges like not using social networks for a month, not answering emails after 9 pm, playing the ukelele, having eight hours of sleep each day... It sounds great!

Then I have found a webpage about 30-day challenges. It is great to discover how many people are there trying to improve their lives! Some want to lose weight, others want to have a healthier lifestyle... and there are some simple but effective ways to start. Have a look at the categories section!

I have also found some interesting and detailed lists for different activities, one for every day. Here are some examples related to "photography", "drawing" and "writing" challenges.

What do you think? Will you start a 30-day challenge?
Let me know!!

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