Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sia - Breathe me

Do you know Sia? I am sure you do, even you don't know her as she is, you have listened to some of her songs. I discovered her some years ago, with this song. It is so special!

It is the song that ends a TV series that I am very keen on. It is called "Six feet under", and it talks about a family who work in a funeral home (where people gather when someone dies, and celebrate a funeral). It is a very different series, and I recommend it to everyone. There are very hard situations, but I learned a lot from life and death, and about feelings.

But I wanted to show you this song, "Breathe me", by Sia. It is a very moving song, for me. It talks about a person who has had a very tough day and has fallen again. Any of us know about these days when everything seems to go wrong... and how we need the support of a friend, their being-by-your-side in the worst moments... so this is what Sia is talking about, that feeling of needing a friend next to you.

A real friend!!!

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