Sunday, October 6, 2013

Videos with lyrics

I am sure you like a lot of songs whose lyrics are in English. Do you understand what they are talking about? Sometimes they are a bit of nonsense, but sometimes they have deep meanings...

As you know, you can look for the lyrics on the internet but also using Youtube. Some people make incredible videos (I will show you some another time). These videos with the music and the lyrics help you to learn English. Why? Because you understand better the vocabulary, you learn new words and expressions, and above all, you learn the pronunciation. In addition, if you sing the song trying to pronounce as well as you can you will improve a lot your English.

Do you want to have a try? Let me show you the new Coldplay song. It is part of the "Hunger games: Catching fire" soundtrack. The song is called "Atlas" and, in my opinion, is amazing.

Here it is! Enjoy!