Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I love autumn

I love autumn. It is indeed  my favourite season. Why? There are a lot of reasons to like autumn... Here are some.

Autumn is romantic. In autumn you can take the most amazing photos, because autumn landscapes and colours are special.

Autumn is fresh. Not so cold as winter, but not so hot as summer. The weather is cool in the morning and at night, but it is very hot at midday. You can still go to the beach and sunbathe a little... but you don't get "crispy" like in summer.

In autumn there are a lot of festivities and fairs in the nearby towns. You can also celebrate Halloween, Saint's Day, the Valencian Community Day, The Hispanic Day, the Constitution Day... so we have a few days off to have a rest and relax a bit.

There are some special days for me to celebrate during autumn. 

October and November are my favourite months. 

One of my favourite songs is called "Octobre". 

One of my favourite films is called "Sweet November".

And finally... Autumn is just before Christmas season...

What about you?

Do you like autumn as well? Is it your favourite season?

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