Sunday, July 10, 2016

Recycling, changing and creating.

After more than a year after my last post, I get inside my Blogger account and I try to do the dusting, cleaning the spiderwebs away and thinking... What should I do? Should I open a new blog, or can I recycle this one? I think recycling is always a good idea. So I will readapt the template and so I will use this corner to express myself. This time not only for my students but also for my partners, teachers from all around the world who may visit and read me. Who knows.

Now I am trying to improve my teaching methodologies, trying to innovate and to create. I am not a creative person, I usually say that I have to left hands because I am so clumsy, but I have learned that creativity is not only devoted to design, literature or music but creativity is everywhere. I must train harder to improve it, but I can. This is my duty for next school year, and I am working hard on it.

What am I doing? During my school holidays I am thinking seriously about how to renovate a lot my methods, my materials, my procedures. I want to help my students to be cooperative, assertive and protagonists of their own learning process. Not an easy task, though.

But nothing worth having comes easy. Remember that.