Sunday, May 25, 2014

"La que has liao, pollito..."

A lot of us, who use Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Line, receive sometimes a video or a picture which is on everybody's mouth these days. This is called as a video "goes viral", and everybody is talking about it. It has happened lately with a very funny video of a little girl who is drawing on a sheet of paper while a little chick is eating corn by her side... and it seems that the cute girl is a bit annoyed with the chick... If you haven't seen the video yet, don't wait for longer... have a look! I hope you will like it.

The strange thing is how it has become a viral video... her parents recorded her and sent the video only to their Whatsapp friends... and then someone shared it with someone... and one day, they discovered that it was a huge success on Youtube!!! So they decided not to get angry and publish the complete video... Here you are the complete story of Iune (the girl) and her pollito...