Sunday, May 25, 2014


I have recently started to see this series called B&B and shown in Telecinco. I am watching it online so I don't know if it is over or not. I think I read somewhere that they have signed for a second season... but I am not sure.

The characters all work for a magazine titled "B&B", thus the name of the series... and I would classify it as a comedy. There are very famous actors and actresses like Belén Rueda, Gonzalo de Castro, Fran Perea... and my favourite one, Dani Rovira.

Why is he my favourite one? Not only because his role, Juan, is so tender and friendly... but because I admire Dani a lot as a monologuist, and after I saw them recently as the protagonist of "Ocho apellidos vascos" I am a fan! He is so funny!!!

Here you are the presentation of this series (with a video). Give it a chance!

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