Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My cat from hell

As I have explained in the previous post, I am very keen on watching as many cat-related videos as possible... and I recently discovered an American TV programme called "My cat from hell"... it is similar to "El encantador de perros" (In the American version it is called "The dogs' whisperer") but in this programme you can see cat owners who are really desperate because their cat's bad behaviour... sometimes it is about a cat who is too shy, sometimes the cat is too aggressive, biting and scratching the owners... a lot of problems can happen, and the cat expert, Jackson Galaxy, always offers a series of steps and advice to be followed in order to solve the cat behaviour problems.

It is very interesting, as I am a recent cat adopter and I have no previous experience with cats! If you are also a cat lover, I recommend this programme to you.

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