Friday, March 15, 2013

I can't live without... my Kindle

As I have tell you a lot of times, I am very fond of books and reading. When I knew about e-readers, I thought that it was a silly invention... because I really appreciate the smell and touch of a paper book, a "real book" as I said... And I also considered that reading on a small screen is a bit silly if I can read in the computer screen! And it is more tiring for the eyes than reading on a "paper, real book".  But then a very good friend showed me her Kindle and I was a bit surprised to see that it has got a very good resolution, it is  so pleasant to read on it! It has got a special screen with "e-Ink", that is, a special technology to read electronic books.

And then, the amount of space and money that you save thanks to the Kindle!! I read now more than before... in two months (I got my Kindle as a Christmas present) I have already read 25 books!!!

I have taken my Kindle in two long train trips to Barcelona, and time passed so fast that I was amazed!

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  1. Hi teacher!!
    I have Ipad, I think is the best invention!!