Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The book I am reading (2)

Hi there!

Today I want to recommend you a set of novels which are tremendously hilarious. I have already read two of them, and I am reading the third one.

The writer is Eduardo Mendoza and I had already read some of his books: "La ciudad de los prodigios" (about Barcelona) and "Sin noticias de Gurb", which I read when I was 14 years old. I remember it was very funny... but not like these!!!

The protagonist of these four novels is a man "without name", we don't know his real name as he is a detective "by accident" and he is living in a mental hospital. In the third novel, he is a hairdresser apart from a detective. He talks in a very educated way but with such a sense of humour that yesterday I was about to sputter coffee on my Kindle... twice or three times while reading!

These are the four books:

If you love laughing you will enjoy those books! 

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  1. My parents have the last one! Maybe I'll read it :)