Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Song to cheer you up: Scatman's World

Sometimes you have a hard day... you feel tired, too tired... even to smile is an effort... so you have a very tough day, then!

I have a "collection" of very personal songs which I use to cheer me up when I feel a bit down... for me, they are infallible! I am sure you also have some of them... because if you listen to them, you start feeling better!

I encourage you to share your collection of "cheer up songs". My first one is this:

This song is  eighteen years old!!!! So probably you haven't listened to it before... but I am sure your parents have. Could you please show it to them and ask them about their opinion? It would be great that your parents (or other relatives) became part of your blogs ;)

By the way... This song was released in 1995... I was 16 years old... (I am getting depressed :P !!!
I liked this and another song by the same artist. He was already an old man when he got famous singing these two energetic and funny songs... so maybe it can help us to think about fighting for our dreams! Never is too late!!!!

I hope you enjoy this song. I am going to share some of my favourite songs with you, and I would be pleased to write about your opinions... either you like it or you don't!

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