Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ideas for your posts


You know that you must write a lot of posts about whatever you want, in English. It is so good for you to practise this language in a funny and practical way!

I know that sometimes you don't know what to write about... here I leave some topics you could write about.

* Pick a picture from your photos and write about it... when was it taken? who took it? What is shown in the photo? What does it mean to you?

* Write about your childhood. What did you use to do when you were five or six years old? Who did you play with? What were your favourite activities? What kind of TV programmes or films did you watch?

* Write about your family and friends, about the things you admire most about them, for example... let feelings lead your writings!

* Write a poem! Love, friendship, beauty... but maybe, also jealousy, sadness, loneliness or hate! Again, let your feelings say!

* Write about something you absolutely adored... or something you hated. Recommend us something (a book, a TV programme, a film...) or warn us not to read/see something!

* Share the things you discover (maybe Youtube videos, maybe "special quotes" you find on Facebook walls... )

* The compositions you write for the English subject! You can write them here for a post... and even you can record yourself reading them! Have a try!

* What are you fond of? Tell us about the things you are really into... the things you find so exciting!!! Explain why they are so important to you!


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