Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The book I am reading... (1)

Hi again!

Why not talking about the things we are into? I am really fond of reading, as you know... so why not talking about the book I am now reading?

Maybe you feel curious about it... and decide reading it... who knows?

So... the book I am hooked to is called "Dime quién soy" (I am reading it in Spanish) and the author is called Julia Navarro. A friend recommended it to me, as I told her that I am very interested in books who are related to the Second World War.

So... this is it! Amelia, the protagonist, is involved in almost every important historical event from the Second Spanish Republic. She lives a great deal of complicated situations but I think that it is very interesting to "live through her eyes" the most important events. I have learned a lot about the daily life of those days, the tortures who were made to the "traitors", the Nazi concentration camps, the hunger and desperation suffered by normal people... a lot of suffering and bad conditions, but so interesting, at the same time!

 I don't want to "make a spoiler", so if you are interested to know more... ask in the comments section!

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