Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Songs that ease my mind

Songs that make me feel better.
Songs that make me smile.
Songs that I consider as relaxing.
Songs that help me to disconnect.
Songs that wake me up.

... A lot of categories of songs that save me from sadness, boredom or worries.

If there is a group with a song for each situation, this is COLDPLAY. No, you can't be the only person in this world that isn't aware of my favourite music band. They are fantastic. Their songs are sublime.

Don't you think so?

Paradise, The scientist, Fix You, Yellow, Strawberry swing, Another's arms, Always in my head, Atlas, Christmas lights, Clocks, God put a smile upon your face, True love, Us against the world... I could go on and on and on... and mention every song.

But now, in this moment, these days my favourite one, the one I like most, the one I can't get tired of listening to it once and again is...


I have no words. I think it is simply... PERFECT. As magic is always...

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