Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Interesting websites

Sometimes I find interesting websites that I consider worth sharing with other people. In this case, I would like to show you this website called Boredpanda which is frequently updated. The posts can be about anything... but they usually have one thing in common... the photos are incredible.

As Halloween is celebrated this week, now the main part of the posts are around this topic, as you can even see in the website design.

In this website you can find very weird posts about amazing things, funny facts about something, incredible photos, supertender pictures with puppies, kitties... have a look and tell me if you don't find some thing that catch your attention! It is impossible!!!

I encourage to choose one and show it in your blog and talk a bit about this. Which one would you chooose? I am very curious.

For example, scrolling down the webpage I have seen one that has attired my attention: a post about the most strange crisps flavours around the world. Have a look!

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