Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thoughts about photography

Do you like photography? I think it is very interesting and it is an art. As a very clumsy and non-type art person, I am so fond of people who are able to capture some aspects of life that are astonishing. For example, I usually have a look at science magazines like "Muy Interesante" or "Quo" and I always find incredible photos, like these ones.

As you can see, they are very different from each other, but each one is very powerful, in my opinion. They make me think a lot about what I am watching in each photo... for some minutes.

I love also very old photos that show unknown people. Some of them speak volumes (this means they tell a story about something, a very powerful story indeed!). For example,

I can spend a very long time imagining the personal stories behind all these people. Where did they live? Did they have a good life? Were they happy?

Yes, I am very curious and I love guessing stories...