Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Things in common...

We are all different, that is so obvious that I won't focus on differences. I want only to highlight the things we all have in common, even with people we don't agree with or people we don't like at all.

We all have need of basic things like food, water, a place to live and some friends to love. All have a family and we care about our dearest ones. All bleed reed blood if we get hurt. All suffer when we are in pain. Everybody has got some problems sometimes.

Like every other person, we all get worried when things don't happen as we expected they would. Each of us get angry when others talk at our back. Everybody hates lies and dishonest people.

All of us hate injustice, but we all know that sometimes we have to accept things we wouldn't want to, but life is like this.

So... let's think about what other things we have in common, because we have more similar characteristics than we thought before.

Because we are all human... we are all HUMANS.

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